Saturday, November 3, 2012

BLOW - 30 in 30 #3

I set out to make a follow-up to my black and white surfing video 'Werri'. Only problem was, there was no one surfing. There was surf - just no one out. Rather than wait for the tide to become more ideal and hopefully lure out the locals I rapidly devised plan B. Some of you may have visited this place. For me it was very much a part of my childhood. Our trips to visit my Grandparents in Mollymook were always bookended with a stop off here for a quick look and a milkshake. Mine was always strawberry or caramel. My old man always had double chocolate, double malt. I think Mum had vanilla and my brother probably tried to double choc double malt it or go the caramel malt route... ahhh -the 80's. Enjoy.

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