Thursday, November 15, 2012

RACES - 30 in 30 #15

So - hot on the heels of #14 comes #15 - see I am making up time here people. The Bong Bong races are an institution around these here parts. They used to be a wild, debauched affair until they became too wild and debauched and were shut down for a number of years. Now they are a far more salubrious occasion, only slightly wild and debauched. The thing is - there's nothing like a country picnic race meeting. Really there isn't. It's good fun. And the people watching is second to none. Trust me - what I didn't include for fear of offence and flauting many international laws...goodness me, the things people are allowed to leave the house in these days! Anyway - here is a little snapshot of the day. Enjoy.

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