Thursday, November 8, 2012

IMOW - 30 in 30 #9

OK - so here's the thing... I spent all day in the sun helping construct an enclosure for the kids' veggie garden up at the school. After a day of 'proper' work I am stuffed. But as Beth pointed out, rather pointedly, the nature strip out the front was looking a little shabby. So I mowed it. And filmed it. Then found some commentary to an American lawn mower race. As you do. I know... I am worried about me also. BTW - this can go in the 'some will no doubt be terrible' category. Enjoy?


  1. Love the beer in the back of the mower - that's how i'd mow if i mowed mo'fo :-)

  2. Are you kidding? That was fucking awesome. In my top two so far.

  3. Love that you have a beer to keep you going. Awesome work.